Employee Benefits

At Heffernan Elite Benefits Insurance Services LLC we offer customized benefit packages to meet you and your employee's needs while controlling costs. We pride oursleves on our personal customer service and always keep up-to-date on new health issues. We use our knowledge and expertise to help to keep you in compliance with laws & regualtions and avoid costly penalties.

Client Services

  • Customized Benefits Packages to fit you and your employee needs.
  • Plan surveys reflecting the variety of benefits and cost of the major carriers in the market.
  • Customer service to assist you in all aspects of your benefit plan-including claims, administration and employee meetings.
  • Quarterly service calls to check in and see if your plans are running smoothly.
  • Updates on legislative regulations affecting our clients.
  • Working relationships with all major carriers and health plans.
  • We make an HR Consultant available to our clients.
  • We provide a monthly newsletter "Employee Benefits Report."


  • Group Medical Insurance: PPO, HMO, EPO, HSA and HRA plans
  • Dental and Vision plans
  • STD and LTD disability - group and individual plans
  • Voluntary Plans
  • Group term Life and AD&D
  • Long Term Care - group and individual plans
  • Section 125 plans - POP, HSA, HRA and FSA
  • Life Products for key person coverage
  • Individual Life and Disability coverage

Group Health

A great group health insurance policy can help you comply with regulations and attract more qualified, productive employees for your business.

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Dental Insurance

Employee benefits like group dental insurance for your business can lower the cost of premiums while providing regular dental cleaning and checkups.

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Vision Insurance

Group vision insurance plans often feature low premiums and cover basic services like annual eye exams, eyeglass frames & lenses, and contact lenses.

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Life Insurance

Group life insurance offered by employers is often less expensive than employees purchasing policies on their own, and is a common employee benefit.

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Disability Insurance

Learn about the benefits of and differences between short term disability and long term disability insurance policies in the state of California.

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Health Savings Accounts

With a health savings account money goes in tax-free, grows income tax-free, and comes out income tax-free when used for qualified medical expenses.

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Health Reimbursement Accounts

Learn how health reimbursement accounts can help employers offset employee health care costs for qualified medical expenses, and gain tax advantages.

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Flexible Spending Accounts

A flexible spending account is an employee benefits program that allows employees to pay for qualified services on a pre-tax basis, reducing taxable income.

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Premium Only Plan

A premium only plan is an employee benefits program that allows employees to pay qualified expenses on a pre-tax basis, reducing their total taxable income.

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