Group Health Insurance

Employers often have many reasons to offer group health insurance for their employees. Whether you’re required to offer benefits due to the size of your company, or simply wish to provide an attractive benefits package for your employees, there is an affordable group health option for your business.

Why Offer Group Health Benefits

There are many advantages to offering health insurance benefits to your employees. Many employers offers employee health insurance in order to attract and retain the most qualified and desirable employees. Employers often receive financial incentives for offering health insurance, as well; group health benefits may provide tax deductions and credits to employers. And the preventative care coverage that health insurance provides can lead to a healthier workforce, with less missed sick days and more productive employees.

  • Offering group health insurance is an incentive for qualified employees.
  • Preventative care coverage can lead to healthier, more productive employees.
  • Small business owners may be able to receive tax credits for offering health insurance benefits.
  • Employers can deduct 100% of their health insurance costs as a business expense.

We can match you to the right network partners to find the perfect medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision coverage for your employees.

Affordable Care Act Requirements

Employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees are required under the Affordable Care Act to provide minimum-value, affordable group health insurance. We can help you understand your coverage requirements and help you select an affordable group health insurance solution for your business.

Whether you are required to provide health insurance for your employees, or simply want to offer the best benefits package to help you find and keep the most qualified people for the job, group health insurance is the solution.

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